Manolo Alvarez The Genius Behind Game Development

Blind Video Game Programmer From Puerto Rico Shocks The Industry

Foto de Manolo, jugando video juego con su hija en el evento Puerto Rico Gaming Xplosion Fest.

Hip Hop Video Game Magazine
Posted by HipHopGamer on November 17, 2010

Live from the Gaming Xplosion 2010 In Puerto Rico, Video Game Programming is amongst the most challenging career in the world and today reveals a man with a serious disability yet is still able to follow his dream.

Puerto Rico is the hidden gem of the gaming industry and this man is living proof.

Stevie Wonder once said that he would also love to play games and now it’s possible so please enjoy this interview because it’s full of greatness.

Every gamer, developer, and publisher needs to see this and help this man bring this talent to mainstream.

Video interview

To watch the interview, visit:
Interview with Manolo Alvarez, a blind game developer.

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